Carbon Nanotube Ballistic Body Armor

The Front Line of Defense for You and Your Family is Here

We at Citizen Armor™ understand the unfortunate necessity body armor has become in our world.  We provide a lifetime of protection with an unprecedented 20-year warranty for all our armor.  Buying armor should only be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.  The next best industry warranty offered by aramid fiber (Kevlar®) armor is a mere five years.

No need to cycle out armor like food storage–our armor is to aramid fiber as freeze dried food is to canned food.  Not only is our armor of the highest quality, but also costs less in the long run with our 20-year warranty.

To spare no expense tricking out an AR-15 is fun, but skimping costs on armor is silly.  Add your favorite armor plates to Citizen Armor for a mil-spec armor system that will protect you from almost anything bad guys can shoot at you.  We provide the barrier between you and danger.

Citizen Armor made with CarbonNT™ is the obvious choice when life is at stake.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t think anything bad of aramid fiber.  Where would we be without the development of such groundbreaking technology?  Aramid fiber, the granddaddy of soft armor, played its part in history by saving lives and protecting people.  By utilizing CarbonNT, a proprietary formula of carbon nanotubes, we have created the next generation in ballistic protection.